Esplora Interactive Science Centre


Restoration Public-Buildings




Malta Council of Science and Technology

As one of the most ambitious and challenging restoration and rehabilitation projects being carried out in Malta, the project consists of the restoration and conversion of the old British hospital complex in Bighi into an Interactive Science Centre. Sensitive restoration of existing buildings, dating to the Knights and British era, are complimented with modern interventions, new constructions, infrastructural amenities and installations in order to house a state of the art science center in Malta.

Through the visionary design of Design and Technical Resources Ltd. and a team of dedicated and competent experts, the complex will comprise various exhibition spaces, workshop, performance and display spaces, entertainment areas, indoor and outdoor exhibits catering for all ages as well as a universe exhibition area and a Planetarium. iManage's role is that of project and contract managers, including site supervision, document control, quality and financial monitoring as well as the co-ordination of the inputs required from the various consultants within the design team and the various authorities involved in this complex and multifarious project.

Client: Malta Council of Science and Technology

Project budget: €12m (part-financed by the EU)

Completed 2016